Stacking & Destacking | Stirling Machinery

A fast, stable and accurate production flow contributes to the reduction of production times and […]

Finger Jointers

Finger Jointer Outfeed Cross Chain | Stirling Machinery

Introducing any form of handling systems to your Finger Jointer will drastically decrease processing costs. […]


Mechanical Handling for Moulders / Stirling Machinery

Stirling Machinery’s Moulder Handling Systems are performance and technology-driven machines that are PLC controlled for […]


Robotics Mechanical Handling / Stirling Machinery

Improve production efficiencies and quality of work for your employees, introducing Robotics to a production […]

Push 250

Push 250 Docking Saw | Stirling Machinery

A fast, versatile and precise full optimising crosscut saw, the Push 250 positions boards with […]

Push 250 Max

Push 250 Max Docking Saw | Stirling Machinery

Powerful, fast and precise, the Push 250 Max full optimizing crosscut saw is designed to […]