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Automatic Straight Grinder E320S / Stirling Machinery

Automatic Straight / Face Grinder E320FS

Prolong the life of your tools, knives and cutterheads with…
Tool & Cutter Grinder UniTool ST-10FJ

Tool & Cutter Grinder UniTool ST-10

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Tool & Cutter Grinder UniTool ST-10FJ

Tool & Cutter Grinder UniTool ST-10FJ

The Tool & Cutter Grinder UniTool ST-10FJ is ideal for…

Stirling Machinery Face Grinders

Sharpen and refinish your tools, knives and cutterheads with the selection of tool and face grinders from Stirling Machinery. Our precision face grinders feature easy operation and simple adjustments, allowing operators to maintain and resurface a variety of timber manufacturing tooling. With dedicated posts for grinding knives, circular saw blades, router bits and more, Stirling Machinery’s tool grinders offer a comprehensive grinding solution for timber manufacturers.

With user-friendly interfaces and a compact footprint, our face grinders are an easy addition to every timber factory. Face grinders and tool grinders are a staple for hardwood timber joiners, sawmills, furniture makers and workshops that produce moulded timber components. To ensure your business is always delivering the high-quality components your customers require, Stirling Machinery’s face grinders will keep your tooling in top condition.

Face Grinder and Tool Grinder Systems

With flexible grinding parameters and the ability to accept a variety of grinder heads, Stirling Machinery’s face grinders are compatible with tools of all types, including brazed tip and finger joint knives. Integrating a face grinder into your workshop allows you to extend the useful life of tools and deliver greater consistency and finer product finishes. Refinishing and grinding tools drastically improves tool life and reduces your expenses across every production cycle. The precision construction of our face and tool grinders means they are ideal for maintaining all commonly used and custom tools. 

The Stirling Machinery team works with each of our clients to design face grinder systems that work seamlessly with your existing equipment. By tailoring our face and tool grinder solutions to match your needs and equipment, we provide production efficiencies and help you unlock the full benefits of high quality and custom tooling.

Training Solutions for Tool and Face Grinders

With the ability to significantly prolong the life of critical tooling, Stirling’s face grinder systems offer major efficiencies and cost savings. To ensure you see the most benefit from your face grinder, we also provide training solutions customised to meet the needs of your staff and workshop equipment. Working alongside your team, Stirling Machinery offers in-depth instruction to operators at all skill levels. Our hands-on training methods are designed to produce skilled operators and ensure your team members are confident and safe when working with Stirling Machinery’s face grinders.