Scanner Docker Line

Full Optimising Saw C14

C14 Full Optimising Saw & Merlin QX Scanner

Upgraded Cross-Cut System: C14 Full Optimising Saw combined with MERLIN…

Recover the maximum amount of timber from every piece of stock with integrated scanner docker lines from Stirling Machinery. Featuring state-of-the-art machinery and software, Stirling’s scanner docker systems combine the high-performance crosscut saws with the scanner to select, sort, size and defect soft and hardwood timber. Customisable to suit your operations, our scanner docker lines can be used to detect dimensions, quality, bark, colours and other timber imperfections within a fraction of a second.

Ideal for sawmills and factories producing engineered timber products, our scanner docker lines provide accessible automation solutions that boost the consistency and quality of components. Stirling Machinery’s scanner docker lines improve production capacity and reduce the amount of labour invested into each component. For complex and high volume processes, our scanner docker lines are fully compatible with a range of automation and robotic feed systems. Speak to our team for more information about designing an automated scanner docker line for your timber factory.

Integrated Scanner Docker Line Solutions

Delivering the greatest optimisations to your processes requires scanner docker lines that are designed for your exact application. The Stirling Machinery team will work with you to develop a scanner and docking saw solution that maximises production, improves consistency and recovers the highest yield from each board. Ultimately, this allows timber manufacturers to increase their capacity and improve the quality of components.

Scanner docker lines are ideal for performing all sizing and defecting processes. Combined with other machines such as finger jointers, scanner docker lines allow manufacturers to recover every usable millimetre from their timber stock. The powerful scanning software and docking lines can simultaneously scan every face of a board, detecting grain, knots, cracks and other features. It can read defects and generate accurate instructions for the integrated docking saw. This results in more precise finishes and greater efficiency without compromising production outputs.