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Supercut 100 Docking Saw / Stirling Machinery

Supercut 100

The ideal automatic cutting machine, Supercut 100 revolutionises the cutting…
Supercut 300 Docking Saw / Stirling Machinery

Supercut 300

Capable of revolutionising your company’s manufacturing systems, the Supercut 300…
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Supercut 500

Capable of meeting the highest production requirements with maximum reliability,…

Stirling Machinery’s Through Feed Saws

Designed for use in demanding, high-volume timber manufacturing applications, the through feed saws offered by Stirling Machinery have the potential to revolutionise your processes. Ideal for cutting, sizing and defecting work, our through feed docking saws feature powerful semi-optimisation that delivers the automation your factory needs. Through feed saws provide unrivalled cost and time savings to a variety of timber producers, including sawmills, pallet makers, flooring and moulding manufacturers.

Our through feed saws are backed by robust safety systems and reinforced steel construction that makes them sturdy enough to withstand demanding, continuous use in hardwood manufacturing. With numerical control and industry-leading software, Stirling Machinery’s saws represent innovative technologies that are ready for integration with your existing processes. Combined with powerful brushless motors, durable feed rollers and flexible in and outfeed options, through feed saws can unlock greater efficiencies for every timber factory.

Semi-Optimising Through Feed Saw Solutions

Stirling’s through feed saws are powered by semi-optimising software that takes the hard work out of docking, cutting and defecting processes. The software in our Supercut through feed saws is operated using simple controls that allow all workshop staff to take advantage of the technology.

The Stirling Machinery team works closely with each of our clients to design complete through feed saw systems. With the power and flexibility to dramatically improve your timber manufacturing processes, our team takes the time to understand your business, ensuring the solutions we design meet your exact requirements. Compatible with a variety of infeed, outfeed and other automation systems, our through feed saws are suitable for integration into any large-scale production cycle. Learning more about your application allows us to design the right systems for you, ensuring you see greater time and cost efficiencies from our through feed saw solutions.

Comprehensive Through Feed Saw Training

The technology in your factory is only as good as your operators. Stirling Machinery provides training solutions that allow our clients to make the most of the technology and automation integrations in our through feed saws. We take a hands-on approach to supporting your team’s training needs that ensures all operators are confident and safe when using our machines. Each of our training programs is tailored to meet the needs of your business and staff. This allows us to work with personnel at all levels of skill and seniority, delivering effective training that helps your team take full advantage of the technology at their fingertips.