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World-Class Pallet Making Machines

Industrial pallet makers operate some of the world’s most demanding production environments. 

Keeping up with continuous, high speed, high volume lines means investing in dedicated pallet making machine solutions that provide the consistent results you need.

Stirling Machinery has been partnering with timber manufacturers across Australia for more than 20 years.

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We supply a broad variety of timber manufacturing equipment, including a number of solutions that are designed to optimise the pallet making process

Our pallet making machinery is sourced from leading suppliers across the world. Featuring robust design, high quality components and state-of-the-art automation systems, our pallet making equipment delivers unrivalled consistency, durability and reliability.

The team at Stirling Machinery specialises in designing pallet making solutions that are tailored to meet your needs

We do this by collaborating closely with clients to assess your requirements, current equipment and production needs. That allows us to develop solutions that maximise the way you work and support each of your manufacturing lines.

Whether you need a single piece of equipment or a fully automated pallet making solution, Stirling Machinery can design a system that delivers continuous performance.

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Timber pallets remain the standard in the shipping, warehousing and supply chain industries. As an affordable, effective and sustainable alternative to plastic pallets, demand for timber pallets has only increased in recent years.

The growing need for reliable transport solutions means timber pallets are more important than ever. While there are a number of ways pallet makers can keep up with this demand, automated production lines have become the norm, and they are the most effective way of ensuring customer orders are delivered on time.

Fully automated pallet making lines are capable of transforming timber stock into completed products. From sizing raw materials to assembly, storage, transport and loading, automatic pallet making lines are the most effective solution for large-scale manufacturers.

Recent changes to the way we live and work have had a dramatic impact on the pallet making industry. The growing demand for transport saw many pallet makers ramping up production to keep pace. But, like many industries, pallet making requires consistent labour availability, and that has created additional supply chain issues.

Investing in the right pallet making equipment not only decreases your expenses, it minimises the impact of labour disruptions. Using robotics, automated handling systems and fully optimised processing equipment allows you to reduce the labour that’s invested into each pallet. This frees up your staff to handle more complex operations while ensuring the consistency and quality of every pallet.

Automated pallet making lines are a major investment though. Making the most of the outlay requires support from the experienced team at Stirling Machinery. With more than 20 years’ in the timber manufacturing industry, we can tailor a solution that is cost-effective, efficient and capable of meeting your growing needs.

Sustainability has become a major concern for the pallet making industry. Skyrocketing demand has placed a strain on materials supply. While timber is among the most sustainable materials currently available, the use of hardwood for pallets has driven up costs and made pallets less economical to produce.

The search for economical and sustainable pallet making methods has led to a number of innovations, including the use of recycled timber and flat panel products like chipboard. These materials reduce the overall cost of each pallet, but they are often incompatible with traditional production machinery.

Stirling Machinery is at the forefront of the timber manufacturing industry, so we can provide solutions for mixed material pallet making. If you are using hardwood, softwood, recycled timber, chipboard or a combination of these materials, we can design an automated line that maximises your production capabilities.

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