Stirling Machinery Training Academy

At Stirling Machinery, we make sure that not only have we supplied you with the perfect machining solution for your operation, but also provide comprehensive training to ensure your team is confident, safe and efficient when operating machinery.

Our carefully designed, hands-on training methods ensure a higher level of understanding; producing more skilled operators. We provide training for a wide range of machines and techniques that address all areas of timber production. We specialise in adapting course content to suit the needs and skill levels of all participants and encourage every opportunity for group discussion and collaboration to ensure a well-rounded training experience.

Training Courses

Tool Room Operations


This unit provides the fundamental skills and knowledge required for tooling including Cutterheads, Cutterblocks, and Knife Steel.



An introductory course to Profiles, Grinding and Opti Stand, this unit covers the core knowledge required for working in any grinding room. 

Moulder Set Up


Discussing machine parts, maintenance and safety, this course is a solid introduction to working with Planers and Moulders.

Customisable Courses

Make your training work for you. We work with you to customise tailored training programs optimised to suit your machinery and operation.

We sent five staff to Stirling Machinery for training. Two for a refresher course to sharpen their skills in the grinding room and three new staff who had never touched a grinder or tooling before. Every operator we sent up for training has come back with a strong foundation in grinding, and are effectively using the skills they learnt on site. From finishing this course, one of our trained operators is now looking to also complete the Wood Machining Mastery Course to further his education. This was a really valuable training session and our team is looking forward to completing the upcoming on-site training here at Sculptform.

Ken Perryman

Operations Manager at Sculptform

Why Invest in Training

Save Time & Money

Trained operators are more efficient and productive within an operation, and are able to run jobs at a high level of quality.

Empower Your Team

Enabling team members to be informed and confident in their roles through training not only makes them happier in their job, but it also shows them they are a valued part of the business worth investing in.

Lifetime Learning

The skills learnt in these courses provide a solid foundation in Wood Machining that will support any ongoing learning undertaken by individuals who have completed our courses throughout their working life.

Stay Up To Date

As technology continues to evolve, it’s important to continually upskill and inform your workforce. This works to ensure your operation remains at the forefront of the timber industry, while assisting your team in adopting newer technologies as they come into the business.


Our meticulous training courses ensure your operators are equipped with the skills to properly operate and handle equipment, keeping them safe in the workplace.

It was really valuable and I was amazed at the new machines. I haven’t seen anything like them before and the results they produce! We’ll be going back to work with a new appreciation for the hardware and with better skills that will make us more efficient and turn out even better results.”

Kierryn Murphy

Apprentice at Coffs Harbour Hardwoods

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