Stirling Machinery timber manufacturing industry training programs

Timber machinery training

As the premier supplier of machinery in Australia and New Zealand, we pride ourselves on delivering top-quality products and tailored training programs to meet the needs of our valued customers.

We understand the importance of safe and efficient machine operation. That’s why in addition to our wide range of machinery offerings, we provide a comprehensive training experiences through the Stirling Machinery Academy. Our customisable training programs are designed to cater to operators of all skill levels, whether you’re a newcomer or an experienced professional, ensuring you get the most out of your machinery.

Stirling Machinery’s Training Programs

We are dedicated to delivering high-quality training that aligns with the unique requirements of our customers and the timber industry. Our programs cover a diverse range of machines and techniques, addressing all aspects of timber production. By adapting course content to suit participants’ needs and skill levels, we foster an inclusive and collaborative learning environment. Our experienced instructors are passionate about imparting knowledge and guiding individuals towards success.

Hands-On, Interactive Training for Optimal Results

Our training courses are designed to be hands-on and interactive, offering a comprehensive understanding of safe and effective machinery operation. Our programs cover a wide range of essential topics, including machine safety, basic and advanced machine operation, CNC programming, as well as maintenance and troubleshooting techniques. With our training, you’ll gain the expertise needed to operate your machinery with confidence.

Stirling Machinery Training Courses

Attending our training courses provides numerous advantages that will enhance your skills and productivity:

  1. Safe and Efficient Operation: Learn how to operate your machinery safely and efficiently, reducing the risk of accidents and maximizing productivity.
  2. Deeper Understanding: Gain comprehensive insights into the inner workings of your machinery, enabling you to optimize its performance.
  3. Troubleshooting Proficiency: Acquire the knowledge and skills to identify and resolve common machinery problems, ensuring smooth operation and minimal downtime.
  4. Improved Product Quality: Our training equips you with the techniques and know-how to produce higher quality timber products, enhancing customer satisfaction.
  5. Enhanced Productivity: By mastering efficient machine operation, you’ll increase your productivity and accomplish tasks more effectively.

Explore Stirling Machinery’s Training Courses Today

Whether you’re interested in purchasing new machinery, or upskilling on the machinery you currently have installed, our Training Academy is the ideal destination for comprehensive and tailored timber industry training programs. Get in touch with Stirling Machinery today to discover more about our training offerings and how they can propel you and your staff towards greater success.

Training Courses Offered by Stirling Machinery:

  • Tool Room Operations

The Tool Room Operation training course provides an introduction to Profiles, Opti Stand and Grind to Profiles. After completion of this course, machine operators will be able to confidently prepare and grind profiles. This carefully designed course will provide machine operators with the skills and knowledge to ensure they can safely and confidently operate factory equipment.

  • Grinding

The Grinding Training course provides both theoretical and practical approaches to grinding. The training course covers the different types, make-up, applications, and set-up of grinding wheels. This hands-on program will provide operators with the knowledge required to identify different types of grinding wheels, and the skills to operate grinding equipment safely and efficiently.

  • Moulder Set Up

The Moulder Set Up training course covers an introduction to moulding applications for planning and profiles. The course features in-depth explanations of the set-up, operation and maintenance of Moulders. This theoretical and practical fundamentals course will give operators the ability to understand the correct procedure for setting up a Moulder and the skills to operate the machine safely.

  • Customizable Courses

Stirling Machinery’s Customisable Courses are tailored to meet the needs of your operation. Our experienced team can train operators on any safe and operational machinery; including new or existing machinery. Some of the machines we specialise in training on are Finger Jointers, Moulders and Docking Saws.


At Stirling Machinery, we make sure that not only have we supplied you with the perfect machining solution for your operation, but also provide comprehensive training to ensure your team is confident, safe, and efficient.

Contact Stirling Machinery now to learn more about our training programs and start your journey towards achieving your goals.


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Hear from our customers

C Series Finger Jointer & E Series Moulder

“Every step of the way, Stirling showed that they could partner with us in a meaningful way. We weren’t looking for a quick set-and-forget arrangement. We wanted a genuine collaboration that would see us through from consultancy and installation to operation and beyond.”

Chris Skeels-Piggins


Planer Sander

“Stirling Machinery’s Planer Sander replaced the two existing sanders we had onsite. Finishing tabletops, a process that originally took two to three hours across two machines, has now been reduced to a matter of minutes in a one-pass finish. The team took the time to understand my operation, how it is run,and what we were looking for in terms of increased capacity and timber finish, and came back with a tailored solution that ticked all of the boxes.As a furniture maker of 35 years, I have been very impressed by the level of service,support and results Stirling has provided. From adding one machine, we have gained time, quality, space, output and efficiency and I couldn’t be happier.”

Geoff Laffan

Director of Winna Furniture

A Series Moulder & Vertical Resaw

“What Craig and the rest of the team at Stirling care about is that the timber industry in Australia goes to a higher quality level. They want to see our customers getting the best product, they don’t just want to sell something. Craig is always asking the questions to make sure that whatever he sells me is going to make my product higher quality and the customer happier.”

Thor Diesendorf

Managing Director of Thor's Hammer