Partnering with Bacci

Power Your Future with a Bacci CNC Machine

The Stirling Machinery team is proud to partner with Bacci to supply their industry-leading CNC equipment to our Australian customers. Bacci is at the forefront of the solid timber industry, and Stirling is thrilled to be offering a selection of Bacci machines and equipment to our local market.

With more than 100 years of history behind them, Bacci has been designing solid timber machining solutions since 1918. Originally specialising in traditional woodworking equipment, Bacci quickly evolved to become the world’s first manufacturer of multi-head CNC machines. Constant development and evolution has helped Bacci build themself into the innovators of modern-day CNC, and they now produce some of the world’s best CNC machines.

Contact Stirling Machinery to learn how a Bacci machine can revolutionise your most complex and demanding production lines.

Bacci Woodworking Machines – The Innovators of Modern-Day CNC

Bacci has spent the past century honing their craft to become true innovators in the solid timber processing industry. Bacci CNC machines represent the latest technology and advancements specifically designed to help you stay ahead of the curve. As leading innovators of modern-day CNC equipment, Bacci’s machines offer unrivalled power, value and manufacturing potential.


Tailored CNC Solutions

Stirling Machinery has partnered with Bacci to offer tailored CNC equipment solutions to new and existing clients. The right CNC machine can revolutionise the way you do business. To make sure you see the most value from your Bacci CNC, Stirling Machinery will work closely with your team to specify machines and handling solutions that unlock the true potential of your production lines.

Bacci CNC Equipment Made to Order

A Bacci machine focuses on delivering CNC solutions that are specifically designed for your operation. Whether you need to carry out a complex operation, meet the demands of a high-volume line or resolve a manufacturing bottleneck, Bacci can build a suitable solution. Stirling’s range of Bacci CNC machines is made to order, and that means they provide the bespoke solution your production line requires.

Bacci CNC Equipment

Bacci Products

Artist TGV CNC Machine


The Bacci Artist TGV is a 6-axis CNC machine that combines two independent working tables and a T2+2-type head that operates 4 unique tools at once. The Artist TGV is driven by powerful software to provide the ultimate solution for machining solid timber, plastic and composite materials. It is ideal for manufacturing a range of furniture, components, sporting equipment, musical instruments and more.

T4MO-CNC Machine


The T4MO.CN is Bacci’s 4-spindle CNC lathe. With 4 automatic spindles, each one driven by an independent servo-motors CNC controlled in order to have all spindles rotating in the same direction or in opposite directions to produce left-side or right-side components. Capable of producing even the finest details, the T4MO.CN is ideal for producing furniture, oars, tool handles, sporting equipment and musical instruments, and can handle the most complex lathing tasks.

Advance Your Production with Stirling and Bacci CNC Machines

Modern CNC equipment represents the future of the solid timber production industry. Capable of performing incredibly complex tasks and producing consistent, high quality components every time, a Bacci woodworking machines can transform your most demanding production lines. Stirling Machinery’s partnership with Bacci allows us to design tailored CNC solutions that meet your exact requirements. We will work with you throughout the process to ensure your customised Bacci CNC line provides as much value to your operation as possible.

Contact the Stirling Machinery team to find out more about our Bacci CNC lines. We are more than happy to discuss your needs and assist you to design a bespoke Bacci CNC machine that meets the demands of your production environment.

The Stirling Difference

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