COSTA Sanders

The Stirling Group AUNZ distributor for COSTA Sanders

The Stirling Group is proud to announce that we are the COSTA Sanders machine distributors for Australia and New Zealand.

COSTA sanders are universally known as the premier sanders in the industry.

Customers choose the COSTA brand because it fulfils needs for machines from entry-level through to very wide machines for CLT production.

The Costa range of sanding machines for processing white wood and lacquer will meet both the requirements for performance and budget.

Get in touch with our team today, we have the technical expertise and industry experience needed to assist you in selecting the best sander for your operations.

COSTA Levigatrici sanders machine families

Costa Sanders K series

COSTA Sanders K Series

The K series calibrating+sanding machine family is employed in nearly all wood cycle applications including the panel industry, flooring, kitchens, and custom wood shops. Costa continues to invest in improvements across this product line including the development of the 9 and 10 Series, enhancements to the working units, upgrades to the control and diagnostic systems, and configuration that increases performance with extended maintanance service intervals.

Costa Sanders S Series

COSTA Sanders S Series

The S Series machine family represents the largest range available in the sanding machine industry today. Its market-matched capacities, extended life, and economic efficiency make this series a profitabile investment for both the large and small operation. The S Series sander's modularity allows tailoring of the frame, abrasive sizes, and power to any production level as well as to aggregate traditionally different processes into one single machine body.

Costa Sanders B series

COSTA Sanders B Series

The B Series brings true industrial capability to the brushing application environment. This machine family enables our clients to insert brushing units in their production cycles where it makes the most sense for their individual operation. The B Series brushing machine family concept, proven by Costa with its other machine series also ensures optimal efficiency through the commonality of working units, control systems, and spare parts.

Costa Wide Belt Sanders

COSTA Wide Belt Sanders

Explore the possibilities with available working widths ranging from 650mm to 3200mm, coupled with a diverse selection of working units, configurations, and advanced features. Whether you opt for a single head or a multi-head configuration with Bottom, Top, or Combined Bottom+Top frames, the Costa Sanders Series provides a comprehensive solution for all your sanding needs.

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Modern and Comprehensive Sanders

Costa Levigatrici is a world-leading manufacturer of automatic sanding equipment for the treatment of
Wood, Metal and Composite materials. Costa Sanders achieved success by offering solutions suitable for a wide range of production scales, catering to both large-scale manufacturers and smaller workshops. These sanders are designed with varying widths, spanning from 650mm to 3200mm. They can be customized with more than 10 working units to efficiently process either the bottom, top, or both surfaces in a single pass.

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Strengthening Woodworking Industries

COSTA offers the world’s most modern and comprehensive range of industrial sanding machines giving customers the greatest choice of performance, flexibility, and ease of use.

For over 50 years, Costa has been offering high quality sanders with unchallenged level of reliability.

The Costa range of sanding machines for processing white wood and lacquer will meet both the requirements for performance and budget.