Partnering with CML Engineering

Produce Perfect Results with CML Engineering

Stirling Machinery has partnered with CML Engineering to provide high quality multirip saws to our Australian clients. CML Engineering is a world-class supplier of timber production machines, and we are proud to be offering a selection of their machinery solutions locally.

CML Engineering has been operating since 1960, and their experience has made them a world leader in timber manufacturing equipment. Made to the highest standards in CML Engineering’s Italian factory, each piece of CML machinery is manufactured with great care and attention to detail. The result is that their multirips provide consistently high quality finishes, improve production and maximise yield, all while reducing the strain on your workforce.

Find out how Stirling Machinery can transform your production lines with multirip saws and integrated systems by CML Engineering.

Complete Machinery, Service and Training Solutions

Stirling Machinery partners with our clients to ensure we are providing complete solutions to support your critical production lines. The end-to-end timber manufacturing lines we design are supported by the high quality training and servicing programs we offer to both new and existing CML machinery customers.


Customisable To Meet Your Needs

Depending on your requirements, Stirling Machinery can match you with multirip saws by CML Engineering that suit your business’ exact requirements. With the flexibility to select from fixed and adjustable blade machines, our customisable CML machinery solutions are ideal for a range of manual, semi-automatic and fully automated production lines.

Better By Design

As  world class innovators in the design and development of timber manufacturing equipment, CML’s machinery is designed to maximise your yield, improve efficiency and ensure you always deliver the high quality products your customers have come to expect.

CML Products

CML E350

From CML’s Entry Level Series, the E350 multirip features adjustable blades. This means you have the freedom to customise your installation to optimise value, increase timber yield and deliver a variety of products. The E350 is ideal for high-volume production environments that require flexibility.

CML J350

From CML’s Standard Series, the J350 is a fixed-blade multirip designed to maximise efficiency and consistency in high volume, demanding production lines. CML machinery places the focus on equipment quality, meaning the J350 provides clean, consistent and high quality edges suitable for gluing and lamination.

Automate Your Production Line

Automated production lines are the ultimate timber manufacturing solution. With the ability to drastically improve the speed and efficiency of production, automated lines represent a core capability in a variety of timber production applications. Stirling Machinery designs holistic automation solutions to reduce the need for manual labour and improve the consistency and quality of your end products.

Talk to us today to find out more about designing an automated line to accompany your CML Engineering multirip saw. With access to a variety of in and outfeed options, robotics, cross-chain feeds, stackers and more, we can help your business maximise its CML machinery.

The Stirling Difference

Stirling Machinery designs complete timber manufacturing solutions to meet your business’ exact requirements. We provide CML machinery solutions, automation equipment, training programs and ongoing maintenance to businesses across Australia and New Zealand. 

Explore our range to see how we can add value to your timber manufacturing operation, or get in touch with us to enquire about designing a CML Engineering solution for your production lines.