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Docking Saws

Increase the yield of every board and maximise efficiency with Stirling Machinery’s state-of-the-art timber docking saws. Built for speed and productivity on high-demand lines that see heavy and continuous use, our docking saws are built to last. Stirling’s docking saws are designed for use by pallet manufacturers, sawmills and producers of sawn and engineered timber products. In these environments, speed, efficiency and safety are the top priority. Our docking saws are available in a variety of configurations to suit the needs of both most operations, speeding up manufacturing while protecting operators and staff.

Depending on your needs, Stirling Machinery can specify everything from individual docking saws to fully automated systems. Our docking saws can be integrated into existing production lines, or we can assist with designing new processes that take full advantage of the saw’s capabilities. Featuring heavy-duty construction, high quality components and cutting edge technology, Stirling Machinery’s docking saws are designed to keep your production moving.

Complete Docking Saw Systems

Our range of docking saws come equipped with your choice of feed systems, automatic sorters, scanners and intelligent controls. Powerful software integrates seamlessly into the system to control in and out feeds, cutting and increases the yield from every board. Whatever your application, we can tailor a docking saw solution to suit your production line, make your processes more efficient and improve the final product.

The docking saws we supply range from machines with manual operation to push feed saws and automated full optimising saws. We understand that docking saws are a major investment, which is why we strive to meet the needs of most commercial manufacturers. Our manual docking saws make an excellent addition to most small-scale workshops. The speed and safety of operation allows your team to work faster without compromising on comfort. For larger manufacturers, we also offer a variety of semi and fully automatic docking saw systems. Stirling’s docking saws include options for push feed and full optimising models that can be used in conjunction with our state-of-the-art scanning and automation equipment. For unrivalled production speed and quality, Stirling Machinery offers some of Australia’s highest quality docking saw systems, cutter grinder and CNC machines and solutions.

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