Machinery Solutions for Engineered Timber Products

Engineered timber products are some of the most versatile materials currently available. Widely used in construction, cabinet making, furniture making, architecture and more, engineered timber products are the ideal solution for a wide range of applications. The only challenge is that common products such as CLT, GLT, MDF and chipboard are difficult to process in high volumes.

Stirling Machinery operates throughout Australia, providing machinery solutions for medium and large-scale timber manufacturing. We supply equipment for every stage of the manufacturing process, so we can design a production line to suit your exact requirements.

FL-24 Finger Jointer

The team at Stirling Machinery focuses on designing manufacturing lines that meet your specific needs

We work closely with each client to gain a full understanding of your products, requirements, and existing equipment. This allows us to design new production lines that deliver high quality cabinets, furniture, decorative timber, and other flat panel products.

With access to leading timber manufacturing machines from all over the world, Stirling Machinery can design a production line to suit any business.

High volume glulam production is a competitive industry. When speed and output quality is critical, your business needs manufacturing solutions designed specifically for your industry. Whether you mass-produce standard lengths, or run custom profiling, our machinery can transform the way you work.

Stirling Machinery works with sawmills across Australia and New Zealand. We provide machinery solutions that deliver fast, accurate processing for all common materials. If you are optimising an existing process, exploring new products and technologies, or designing a new line altogether, Stirling Machinery can help.

Engineered timber products are some of the industry’s most challenging materials. While they offer incredible cost and sustainability credentials, materials such as MDF and chipboard require dedicated manufacturing solutions.

Stirling Machinery provides a range of equipment that is compatible with chipboard, CLT, GLT, MDF, plywood, ACP and more. Our solutions are designed to increase output and uptime, reduce costs, and improve the overall quality of finished products. This allows you to push your machinery harder and achieve more without sacrificing finishes.

With solutions for sizing, moulding, profiling, carving and more, we can support you to create any products you have in mind. Our machinery is ideal for high-volume manufacturing, so we can tailor equipment to deliver the results your clients have come to expect.

Meeting the demands of modern manufacturing and an evolving industry presents a unique opportunity. At Stirling Machinery, we are helping to reshape the future of timber manufacturing, and our solutions can support you to achieve greater efficiencies than ever.

A major part of the service we provide is designing fully automated processing lines. Our automated processes can make light work of manufacturing engineered timber materials, increasing uptime, quality, and consistency throughout your product range.

An automated production line is the best way to drive efficiencies, explore new materials, expand your product range, and remain competitive. With solutions for every stage of processing, as well as mechanical handling, storage systems and fully automated manufacturing, Stirling Machinery can deliver the quality and consistency you need.

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