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Stirling Machinery’s Grinding Machine Range

Maintain cutting tools and enhance your production capabilities with a grinding machine from Stirling Machinery. With a selection of face grinders, knife grinders and profile grinders, we can provide equipment solutions for every Australian timber manufacturer. Featuring heavy-duty construction and the latest in programmable computer controllers, our grinding machines offer the flexibility and accuracy to maintain the tools your business relies on.

Designed for use in low and high volume timber factories, a grinding machine or docking saw from our range can transform the way you work. Ideal for use by sawmills, joineries and factories producing engineered and moulded timbers, a grinding machine can dramatically reduce your expenses. The ability to easily maintain, develop and reface tooling not only improves productivity, it increases uptime and decreases tooling expenses. Explore the range above, or talk to the Stirling team about selecting a grinding machine, end matcher machine or our extensive range to match your operation.

Grinding Machine Solutions for Your Tooling

Sharp tooling makes all the difference in timber production. Well-maintained cutting tools provide greater consistency and improve the quality of finishes, minimising the need for further processing. For maintaining tooling, a grinding machine allows operators to quickly and efficiently reface tools and return them to serviceable condition. This greatly increases the lifespan of your tooling, reduces expenses and maximises equipment uptime.

Stirling Machinery can provide a grinding machine that is compatible with a wide range of cutting tools. Our grinding machine catalogue includes knife grinders, profile grinders and face grinders, so we can match you to a solution that meets your needs. Each of our grinding machine installations is tailored to suit your operation, the tooling you use and your existing equipment. Depending on your needs, we can specify a grinding machine for resurfacing knives, profiling tools, circular saws, moulders, router bits and more. Talk to us about your application and let the Stirling Machinery team specify a grinding machine for your operation.

Grinding Machine Training Programs

A Stirling Machinery grinding machine has the potential to transform the way you work. With the freedom to sharpen and restore tooling in-house, a grinding machine can help your business access unrivalled efficiencies. To ensure your tooling is maintained within specification, the Stirling team is happy to provide comprehensive training for each of our grinding machine packages. With decades of industry experience, our instructors have the knowledge and skill to deliver a training course that is tailored to your business’ needs.

We offer training for employees of all skill levels on our grinding machine, finger jointer machine, moulders and everything else in our range. Whether you are learning from scratch or simply need to update your skills for the next generation of grinding machines, we can design a program to match. Our training solutions ensure that your staff have the confidence they need to operate a grinding machine safely and efficiently. Grinding machine training from our team encourages participation and hands-on learning. That means we can provide a well-rounded training experience and equip your operators to properly maintain and resurface critical tooling.

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