Furniture Industry

Machines Designed for Furniture Making

CNC machines are the future of the furniture making industry.

Rising materials costs and increased competition have made it more important than ever to find efficiencies wherever you can.

Offering unrivalled time, cost and labour savings, CNC machines are the ultimate furniture machinery, revolutionising the way you work.

The Future of Furniture Making with CNC Machines

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines have been around for decades.

Using computers to control tooling allows operators to produce components that would be difficult – or impossible – to create any other way. CNC machines are already widely used in the furniture making industry, especially in flat-pack manufacturing, making them a tested production solution.

Stirling Machinery draws on more than two decades of history to offer furniture making solutions

Our expertise in the timber industry allows us to craft tailored production lines for all small, medium and industrial-scale furniture makers. Blending quality machinery with expert production line design, our team can deliver consistency, efficiency and innovation to power the future of your business.
Jet Elite CNC Working Centre

Furniture Machinery Applications

The Future of Furniture Making with CNC Machines

Improve Efficiency in Furniture Making


The Bacci Artist TGV is a 6-axis CNC machine that combines two independent working tables and a T2+2-type head that operates 4 unique tools at once. The Artist TGV is driven by powerful software to provide the ultimate solution for machining solid timber, plastic and composite materials.

CML E350

From CML’s Entry Level Series, the E350 multirip features adjustable blades. This means you have the freedom to customise your installation to optimise value, increase timber yield and deliver a variety of products. The E350 is ideal for high-volume production environments that require flexibility.