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Our CNC Machine Range

Supplied by world-class manufacturers, our CNC machine range is designed to create the perfect harmony between equipment, tooling and finishes. We carry CNC machine technologies from partners such as Bacci CNC, meaning our range offers unmatched precision, reliability and safety.

CNC Machine and Automation Solutions

Stirling Machinery is at the forefront of timber manufacturing in Australia. Our CNC machine range is designed to drive the industry forwards and allow our customers to unlock greater production possibilities.

While we provide standalone CNC machines Australia-wide, our team are specialists at crafting complete automation solutions. With the right machining technologies and handling platforms, Stirling Machinery can design bespoke production lines that help you realise greater efficiency, consistency and accuracy.

Our CNC machine solutions come with the support of leading automation systems from across the globe. Whether your factory needs conveyors, stackers, infeed and outfeed options or complex robotics, Stirling Machinery can help.

We take a tailored approach to designing our CNC machine automation systems. First, we work with you to assess your current capabilities, equipment and processes. Once we have gathered that information, we can update or specify lines with new machining platforms.

Our goal is to provide systems that work with new and existing equipment to drive efficiencies, reduce labour and help your business achieve its goals.

Drive Efficiencies with a CNC Machine Australia

Need a CNC machine Australia-wide? Our team supplies a broad range of solutions for timber manufacturers of all sizes. Stirling Machinery regularly partners with businesses such as sawmills, furniture makers, cabinet manufacturers, pallet makers and more.

Whatever industry you are in, the right CNC machine can make all the difference to your production lines. Powered by innovative software and Computer Numerical Controls, our CNC machines are unmatched for their accuracy, consistency and efficiency.

The true power of CNC technology lies in the simplicity of operation. Once a program has been added to the machine, the computers handle the rest, dramatically reducing the need for manual labour. Paired with the right handling and automation packages, our CNC machine range can deliver world-class efficiencies to your business.

To ensure you get the best performance from your machining capabilities, we take great care to match your business to the right equipment. When specifying CNC machine solutions, we consider your needs carefully allowing us to develop the world’s most efficient production lines.

Bespoke CNC Machine Production Lines

CNC machines are transforming the way modern timber manufacturers work. With the ability to deliver unmatched accuracy, consistency and efficiency, a CNC machine is the next evolution of your operation. Built on more than 20 years of experience in supplying tooling and machinery solutions to the solid timber industry, Stirling Machinery is proud to play a role in our clients’ evolution. We work with manufacturers, furniture makers, cabinet makers, joiners and timber businesses across the country, so our team can specify a CNC machine solution for every environment.

To ensure you get the best performance from your equipment, each Stirling installation is customised to suit your requirements. We work alongside your team to assess your current capabilities, explore options and develop new production lines. Our aim is to specify CNC machines, handling equipment and production tools that increase efficiency and reduce your total investment. By incorporating your existing equipment and a variety of solutions from our trusted suppliers, we’re able to design stronger production lines that offer serious benefits to businesses of all sizes.

Bacci CNC Machine Solutions

CNC routers and lathes are at the cutting edge of the timber manufacturing industry. To meet the growing demand for these versatile machines, Stirling Machinery partnered with Bacci to offer CNC routers and lathes to our Australian clients.

Powered by more than a century of innovation, Bacci CNC machine packages are built to order. Featuring the latest technologies and highest quality components, Bacci CNC machines true industry leaders. Offering unmatched precision and versatility, our range of Bacci  CNC machines is allowing Australian timber manufacturers to move into the future.

Boost Production with a CNC Machine for Sale

A CNC machine for sale by Stirling Machinery is one of the best ways to bolster your production lines. CNC machines represent a major leap forward in manufacturing technology. Combining powerful software and precise engineering, CNC machines can reproduce components to incredible tolerances without sacrificing productivity. It’s worth considering a CNC machine for sale by Stirling Machinery if you are looking for improvements in the following areas:

  • Efficiency. The versatility of CNC machines makes them ideal for producing components quickly while minimising waste, cost and labour.
  • Consistency. CNC machines excel at performing repeatable processes. If you need to produce components in large volumes, a CNC machine can deliver consistent results that improve fit, finish and customer satisfaction.
  • Quality. Precise components mean CNC machines are capable of producing elements within tight tolerances. Along with a variety of roughing and finishing tooling, these machines deliver unrivalled quality of finish.
  • Labour investment. CNC machine operations are controlled almost entirely by computers. This frees up your operators to focus on processes that require direct intervention and reduces your labour costs.


Buy CNC Machine and Equipment Training Packages at Stirling Machinery

If you are looking to buy CNC machine solutions, Stirling Machinery is happy to help. We specialise in helping timber manufacturers evolve, and a CNC machine is one of the best investments you can make in the future of your business. To ensure you see the full benefits of our CNC machine solutions, Stirling Machinery also provides an extensive range of equipment training courses. Our equipment training packages are designed to help your operators maximise efficiency and yield when working with CNC machines.

A Stirling Machinery training package is suitable for operators of all skill levels. We design training sessions based on the needs of your team. From beginners to advanced operators and line managers who would like to learn more about their equipment, we can provide training for every business. Talk to us today to learn more about customisable training courses with Stirling Machinery.


CNC Machine Australia Maintenance Packages

CNC machines are precision equipment that require regular maintenance. When small imperfections can lead to major manufacturing defects, it’s important to invest in a maintenance program for your CNC machine Australia. Stirling Machinery makes the maintenance process simple by offering solutions in-house. As an Australian supplier of Bacci CNC equipment, we back up our installations with the support of a dedicated maintenance and servicing team. If you need regular maintenance, major servicing or expert help with one of your machines, Stirling can be there to assist.

We understand that uptime is a critical factor for your business. CNC machines are a major investment and they need to be kept in top condition to ensure they are always ready for use. Our maintenance programs take care of every servicing detail to protect the condition of your equipment. That means your CNC machine will last longer, deliver greater consistency and meet your customers’ quality expectations for years to come.