Moulded Timber Products

Industry-Grade Timber Moulder Machines

Timber remains one of the world’s most popular decorative materials for the construction, architecture, interior and furniture industries.

The right moulder machine solution can allow you to keep up with growing demand and deliver finish-grade products that make the most of such a versatile material.

Stirling Machinery has been operating in Australia’s timber manufacturing industry for more than 20 years. We supply a variety of machinery solutions, including industrial-grade timber moulders that are suitable for every production requirement.

S Series Moulder / Stirling Machinery

Our timber moulders are designed for demanding manufacturing environments that specialise in moulded and decorative timber products.

Sourced from partners across the world, our timber moulding equipment features robust design, premium components and infinite flexibility. This allows you to achieve more and push your equipment further than ever.

Working with Stirling Machinery ensures you end up with a timber moulding line that meets your exact specifications.

We collaborate closely with each of our clients to understand your products, customers and requirements. This helps us design timber moulding lines that produce high quality dressed timber, windows and doors, skirting, architraves, battens, railings and other decorative timber products.

With a range of leading timber moulding machines and automation solutions, Stirling Machinery can design a production line that supports the future of your business.

Moulder / Stirling Machinery

See Our Four Side Moulder A Series In Action

Timber mouldings are the industry standard for windows, doors and architraves. As an attractive, sustainable and versatile material, timber is the ideal choice for finishing windows and doors.

Australia’s construction industry is constantly growing. The demand for window and door products is always increasing, and the best way to keep up with your clients is to invest in automated moulding production lines. These manufacturing solutions allow you to deliver high quality timber mouldings without sacrificing speed and consistency.

Stirling Machinery’s range of timber moulding equipment includes machinery for every production environment. From compact units for small-scale workshops to industrial-grade, high capacity moulders, we can specify a machine that maximises the value of every board.

The natural beauty of timber means it’s the perfect material for decorative applications. From hand rails to skirting boards, furniture components and profiled battens, decorative timber products are some of the most widely used materials in the construction industry.

Decorative timber products typically feature complex profiles, precise bevels and intricate designs. Producing these components by hand is time consuming and expensive, but a timber moulding machine can make light work of the process.

With the ability to simultaneously machine, profile and plane each side of a board, a timber moulder can produce components for any application. Whether it’s a one-off order or high volume manufacturing, moulding machines deliver decorative timber products without the need for laborious hand shaping and finishing.

Stirling Machinery is committed to shaping the future of the timber manufacturing industry. We are invested in developing solutions that allow our clients to push their equipment harder and deliver higher quality products to the end customer.

A major part of that promise is providing automation solutions that increase uptime, improve quality and maximise the consistency of products. Automated timber moulding production lines are the best way to improve your outputs and ensure your customers are receiving high quality components that meet their needs.

Moulding and dressing timber becomes a simple process with the help of automation and mechanical handling equipment. Whatever your requirements, we can design a system that profiles, shapes and dresses moulded timber products while still providing the quality and consistency your customers require.

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