Joinery Machinery & Equipment

Manufacturing Equipment for Joineries

Detailed joinery work adds the finishing touch to a huge range of construction, architecture, furniture and cabinetry products. 

Refining workpieces to a high level can be a costly and time-consuming process, but the right joinery equipment can provide finish-grade results in less time than ever.

The team at Stirling Machinery has been providing equipment solutions to the Australian timber industry for more than 20 years.

A Series - Finger Jointer / Stirling Machinery

At Stirling Machinery, we design every installation to suit your exact requirements

We do this by working closely with each client to learn more about your processes, business, products and what you want to achieve.

This allows us to identify bottlenecks and develop a solution that increases efficiency, reduces overheads and minimises the amount of labour invested into each component.

Stirling Machinery draws on more than two decades of history to offer furniture making solutions

Our expertise in the timber industry allows us to craft tailored production lines for all small, medium and industrial-scale furniture makers. Blending quality machinery with expert production line design, our team can deliver consistency, efficiency and innovation to power the future of your business.
C Series Finger Jointer / Stirling Machinery

Joinery Machinery Applications

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