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End Matcher A250/300EM | Stirling Machinery

A250/300 EM

The A250/300 End Matcher is built to the latest design…
End Matcher Randomat E | Stirling Machinery

Randomat E

The Randomat E's modern and compact design allows for the…
End Matcher Randomat Evo | Stirling Machinery

Randomat Evo

The Randomat Evo is a very reliable and versatile machine…
End Matcher Randomat SQ | Stirling Machinery

Randomat SQ

With a perfectly balanced, heavy-duty frame, the Randomat SQ is…

Stirling Machinery offers a range of end matcher solutions ideal for use by sawmills, joiners and workshops producing moulded timber products. Commonly used to manufacture tongue and groove flooring and siding, our end matchers provide accurate, high-quality profiling and can keep up with the most demanding production lines. Designed for use in high-capacity applications, Stirling Machinery’s end matchers incorporate a number of safety and time saving features that reduce labour investment and minimise downtime.

Just like our docking saw, multirip and timber moulder machines, our end matches are available in a variety of configurations to suit both fixed and random length timber stock. Featuring heavy-duty construction, programmable controls and the ability to integrate automated feed and handling equipment, our end matchers are a versatile option for every application. The range begins with compact solutions including the A250/300 and Randomat E, and continues through to the Randomat SQ, our most versatile and powerful machine. Whatever your workshop requires, Stirling Machinery’s end matchers, finger jointer and moulders are some of the accessible solutions that can power the future of your manufacturing processes.

Integrated End Matcher Solutions

Stirling Machinery designs end matcher systems to meet the ongoing needs of your workshop. We work closely with each client to identify the end matcher most suitable for your application and production capacity. By designing a system that meets your exact requirements, we can deliver more effective end matching solutions to reduce manufacturing time and improve product quality.

An integrated end matcher solution by Stirling Machinery can unlock several key benefits for timber processing workshops, including:

  • Flexible options. Our end matchers can be configured to perform a range of tasks, including cutting, profiling and upper and lower scoring.
  • Creates stronger joints. End matched panels provide stronger jointing options for the final application, improving customer satisfaction and the longevity of products.
  • Improves product quality. Precision end matchers by Stirling Machinery are configured to provide high-quality, high-capacity production that delivers products with improved finishes and fewer defects.

End Matcher Training Programs

We support our end matcher solutions with training and maintenance programs tailored to meet the needs of your workshop. Getting more from an end matcher means ensuring all operators are trained to use the equipment properly. Stirling Machinery’s training programs are customised to meet your needs, machinery operators and end matcher installation. We work with personnel of all skill levels, providing training and upskilling opportunities that improve workplace safety and production efficiency.

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