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Thor Diesendorf, Owner and Managing Director of Thor’s Hammer, works to ensure the beautiful resource that is timber isn’t being wasted, and is constantly looking to reimagine the way recycling timber can be incorporated into contemporary life and design. He chose to work with Stirling Machinery on the installation of two machines into his operation, an A Series Moulder and Vertical Resaw.


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“It’s basically everything we were looking for, and that we discussed. I think it’s a really good machine.”

Thor Diesendorf

Managing Director

Stirling Machinery recently worked with timber recycler Thor’s Hammer to specify and install an A Series Timber Moulder and Vertical Resaw in their Canberra facility.

Client: Thor’s Hammer

Owned and run by founder Thor Diesendorf, Thor’s Hammer is a specialist timber recycler, joinery and furniture making company based in Griffith, ACT. Thor’s Hammer has been recycling timber since 1994. Sourcing used timber from local demolition sites, they got their start primarily as a custom manufacturer of furniture and kitchen benchtops. The business grew quickly from there, with Thor rescuing even more of Australia’s most beautiful timbers and breathing new life into the unwanted boards.

In 2019, Thor’s Hammer made the move to a new premises better suited to their growing business. Their new location in the old Tip Top Bakery has more than enough workshop and showroom space to support the future of the business and help them continue to restore stunning Australian hardwoods.

Our Timber Manufacturing Solutions

Having worked with Stirling Machinery for a number of years already, Thor’s Hammer knew exactly who to turn to when they needed to upgrade their equipment. As part of the business’ growth, Thor needed to invest in two key pieces of equipment: an A Series Moulder and a Vertical Resaw machine.

Replacing an old 54 inch bandsaw, Stirling Machinery supplied a new Vertical Resaw. One of the most-used tools in their workshop, our resaw is perfect for resizing old boards and paring them down to refreshed, usable pieces of timber. The new machine is an all-round upgrade, with Thor’s team reporting that it is much quieter and safer to use than the old model.

The second piece of machinery we supplied is one of our A Series Moulders. With precise computer controls, our A Series Moulders feature the ability to simultaneously process all 4 faces of a board. For a timber recycler like Thor’s Hammer, the A Series is perfect for square dressing recycled and resawn boards, ready for use in their furniture and for sale to final customers.

The Outcome

The Stirling Machinery team always enjoys working with Thor’s Hammer. Thor’s Hammer shares our vision for the Australian timber industry and they are always looking for ways to improve the quality of their products. The addition of these two new machines will allow Thor’s Hammer to continue expanding their offerings and keep their workshop running efficiently.

Thor is particularly pleased with the results they have seen from the A Series Moulder,

“It’s handling the recycled hardwoods, which a lot of smaller machines wouldn’t handle.”

The compact machine is perfect for a workshop where space is at a premium, and it has proved more than capable of handling the Australian hardwoods at Thor’s Hammer.

All in all, the result of our latest project with Thor’s Hammer has been a resounding success. We love seeing our clients put our machines to such good use, and we always enjoy working with companies that share our passion and respect for high quality timber manufacturing. We look forward to working more with Thor’s Hammer in the future.


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