Grinding Training

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The Grinding Training course provides both theoretical and practical approaches to grinding. The training course covers the different types, make-up, applications, and set-up of grinding wheels. This hands-on program will provide operators with the knowledge required to identify different types of grinding wheels, and the skills to operate grinding equipment safely and efficiently.

Who is this for?

  • Wood Machinists 
  • Apprentices
  • Tool Room Staff

What you'll learn:

  • Types of Grinding Wheels 
  • Grinding Wheel composition
  • Tracing Pins and their importance
  • Setting the grinding unit
  • Identifying Distance – Grinding Support

Course Details:

3 Lessons

2 Days to complete course

Primarily practical elements

Course Curriculum




number one in blue circle

Introduction to Grinding Wheels

2 hours

Stirling Machinery /
On Site

number two in blue circle

Identification and Applications for Specific Grinding Wheels

2.5 hours

Stirling Machinery /
On Site

number three in blue circle

Setting the Grinding Unit

2 hours

Stirling Machinery /
On Site

Number four in blue circle | Stirling Machinery

Grinding Straight and Profile Knives

8 hours

Stirling Machinery /
On Site

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