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Moulder Set Up


The Moulder Set Up training course covers an introduction to moulding applications for planning and profiles. The course features in-depth explanations of the set-up, operation and maintenance of Moulders. This theoretical and practical fundamentals course will give operators the ability to understand the correct procedure for setting up a Moulder and the skills to operate the machine safely.

Who is this for?

  • Wood Machinists
  • Leading Hand
  • Production Staff
  • Apprentices

What you'll learn:

  • What is a Planer and a Moulder
  • Moulder maintenance and safety
  • How to plan production
  • Moulder calibration and set up
  • Moulder operation for planing
  • Moulder operation for profiles

Course Details:

4 Lessons

2 Days to complete

Includes theory and practical elements

Course Curriculum




number one in blue circle

Introduction to Moulders

2 hours

On Site

number two in blue circle

Moulder Safety and Maintenance

2.5 hours

On Site

number three in blue circle

Moulder Operation - Planer

3.5 hours

On Site

Number four in blue circle | Stirling Machinery

Moulder Operation - Profile

7 hours

On Site

After our Lead Operator of 20 years left, we realised the need to upskill our team through further training. So the Stirling Machinery team came on-site and took our Machine Operator Duane through the fundamentals of grinding heads and moulder set up. The team demonstrated their expertise and knowledge throughout the training, tailoring their advice to our operation. Duane has since rearranged the grinding room based on their recommendation, using the skills he learned to create a more efficient, clean, and safe working environment. Since completing his training, Duane has requested additional equipment to maintain the machine and the quality of our products.

Paul Langdon

Operations Manager at CMTP Colac

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