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Sander infeed | Stirling Machinery
When it comes to detail and finishing work on timber components, sanders are a simple but powerful solution. The variety of sanding abrasives, materials, guides and machines make sanders
Push 1200 Docking Saw
Modern timber workshops move faster than ever before. Keeping up with customer demands becomes much simpler with the help of modern equipment like docking saws. Fast, safe and easy
Humans have been building with wood for the entirety of our existence. Analysis of stone tools used by the Neanderthals in Europe shows they were used to work timber
Scheduled Service Plan
Industrial grinding machines are a staple in dozens of industries, used both to produce components and maintain the tools that support manufacturing processes. Grinders use abrasive wheels or drums
Opti 599 & Opti Scan 4 Docking Saw
Finding the right machines for your workshop can have dramatic effects on manufacturing efficiency and the quality of the results you are producing. A common sight all across the