Next generation of Wood Machinists set to change the timber industry

Graduating class of 2021 from wood machining course | Stirling Machinery

The importance of education in the timber industry

As the timber industry continues to evolve and develop, with new technologies and machining techniques, education has become one of the strongest pillars in the arsenal of many large operations. Upskilling existing operators, and teaching new apprentices, equips them with the skills required to produce quality products in a safe and efficient manner. 


TAFE’s commitment to timber 

TAFE Queensland is one of the institutions spearheading the education of the next generation of wood machinists. The Acacia Ridge campus is home to world-class facilities for training machinists, carpenters and cabinet makers, among other vocations. These facilities recently benefited from the completion of a $200 million capital works program. 

Dale Lait, Leading Vocational Teacher at Skills Tech TAFE says, “Our courses are taught by qualified tradespeople with strong industry ties. Our teachers’ experience, industry relationships, and the TAFE’s state of the art facilities allow students to develop the skills and knowledge needed to set up, operate and maintain a wide range of wood machinery.” 


Graduating class of 2021

The Stirling Machinery team recently attended the graduation of fourth-year wood machining students at Skills Tech in Acacia Ridge. 

Stirling Machinery’s Managing Director Craig Honeyman presented a gift to the winner of the “Owen Sami Award” for Apprentice of the Year, Kyle Pye from Colonial Restoration Supplies. Stirling Machinery’s parent company, the Accurate Group, gifted a Makita drill kit for Kyle to use as he moves into the next stage of his career. 

The Wood Machining Guild QLD award was presented to graduate apprentice Ocean Fielding from RWD Joinery, by Woodtech Australia. The award was in recognition of his dedication to his studies throughout the course as the best apprentice over four years of theory and practical training. 

Craig Honeyman presenting drill to winner of Owen Sami award | Stirling Machinery

Passionate about education

As a qualified Wood Machinist, Managing Director Craig Honeyman says supporting the future of the timber industry through the education of the next generation is something he is very passionate about. 

Skills that last 30 years

“Training and educating the next generation is the key to sustainability within the Timber Industry,” said Craig. “The skills I learnt during my apprenticeship created a solid foundation that I have carried with me throughout my 30-year career, and is the reason I am so passionate about helping others to further their education.” 

Keeping Australia and New Zealand at the forefront of timber

Education is the future of the Timber Industry and will ensure the Australian and New Zealand markets continue to be world leaders in the supply of timber goods. Stirling Machinery runs multiple training courses designed to further the education of operators in the timber industry. These courses can be tailored to meet operational needs and accommodate any skill level. 

Contact the Stirling Machinery team today to find out how we can tailor training courses for your operation. 


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Hear from our customers

C Series Finger Jointer & E Series Moulder

“Every step of the way, Stirling showed that they could partner with us in a meaningful way. We weren’t looking for a quick set-and-forget arrangement. We wanted a genuine collaboration that would see us through from consultancy and installation to operation and beyond.”

Chris Skeels-Piggins


Planer Sander

“Stirling Machinery’s Planer Sander replaced the two existing sanders we had onsite. Finishing tabletops, a process that originally took two to three hours across two machines, has now been reduced to a matter of minutes in a one-pass finish. The team took the time to understand my operation, how it is run,and what we were looking for in terms of increased capacity and timber finish, and came back with a tailored solution that ticked all of the boxes.As a furniture maker of 35 years, I have been very impressed by the level of service,support and results Stirling has provided. From adding one machine, we have gained time, quality, space, output and efficiency and I couldn’t be happier.”

Geoff Laffan

Director of Winna Furniture

A Series Moulder & Vertical Resaw

“What Craig and the rest of the team at Stirling care about is that the timber industry in Australia goes to a higher quality level. They want to see our customers getting the best product, they don’t just want to sell something. Craig is always asking the questions to make sure that whatever he sells me is going to make my product higher quality and the customer happier.”

Thor Diesendorf

Managing Director of Thor's Hammer