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In the ever-evolving landscape of the timber industry, efficiency and precision are crucial. Stirling Machinery is at the forefront of this transformation, delivering cutting-edge automation solutions designed to streamline processes, reduce costs, and elevate the quality of timber products. From cross-cut lines to finger jointing and beyond, our automation applications are reshaping the way timber is manufactured in Australia and New Zealand.

Why Choose Stirling Machinery’s Automation Solutions?

  • Fast, Stable, and Accurate Production Flows: Our automation solutions are built for speed, stability, and precision, ensuring a consistent and efficient production process.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Reduce processing times and minimize manufacturing costs with our cutting-edge automation technology.
  • Close Collaboration: We work closely with timber factories to identify, specify, design, and supply automation solutions that cater to your specific needs and production requirements.
  • Free up your skilled workers: By automating routine tasks, our solutions free up your skilled workers to focus on tasks that require their expertise, contributing to a more efficient and productive workforce.
  • Boost Profits: Stirling Machinery’s automation solutions are a catalyst for increased profitability. By streamlining operations and reducing both labour and production expenses, our automation technologies can significantly impact your bottom line.

Automated Cross Cut Lines:

Cross-cut and docking lines serve as the foundation of numerous timber production processes. For sawmills, pallet manufacturers, and factories specializing in moulded and engineered products, cross-cut lines are an essential component of the production journey. Stirling Machinery offers comprehensive automation systems tailored to commercial cross-cut processes. Our range includes vacuum loaders, cross-chain in and outfeeds, and stacking robots, all designed to ensure a seamless production flow. These custom automation solutions meet your current and future process requirements, minimizing labour costs, unlocking workforce, and enhancing output consistency.

Finger Joint Line Automation & Mechanical Handling:

Unlock the full potential of every board with automated finger jointing lines from Stirling Machinery. With applications spanning sawmills, solid timber manufacturing, furniture production, and more, these systems bring unmatched production efficiencies to the forefront. Stirling Machinery collaborates with each client to specify the precise automation solutions needed for their finger jointing lines. We provide automatic docking systems, cross-chain in and outfeed tables, and robot loaders tailored to a variety of finger jointer sizes. These automation solutions align perfectly with the needs of your finger jointing lines, optimizing machine output and improving core production cycles.

Automated Multirip Lines:

For processes that demand multiple rip cuts in a single pass, automated multirip machines are indispensable for board sizing and trimming. These machines offer enhanced production efficiency by reducing labour requirements. Stirling Machinery’s automated multirip lines are designed to cater to high-volume manufacturing, ensuring precise equipment for the task. Featuring cross-chain feeds, robot loaders, automatic loaders, and stacking solutions, our automated multirip lines are adaptable to a wide range of specifications.

Sander Line Automation & Handling:

When it comes to refining and finishing components, sanding lines are key for maintaining product quality. Commonly used in the production of engineered timber products, sanders and planer sanders allow for calibration, planing, top and bottom sanding operations. Stirling Machinery’s automated sander lines enable manufacturers to fully leverage the capabilities of their sanding equipment. With automation and handling solutions like vacuum loaders, stackers, belt feeds, and cross-chain in and outfeeds, our team can design the ideal automation solution for any sander line.

Automation to Optimize Pallet Lines:

In high-volume, continuous production applications such as pallet manufacturing, Stirling Machinery provides robust automation solutions that deliver unparalleled manufacturing efficiency. Our automation and mechanical handling solutions encompass a range of state-of-the-art equipment. From cross-cutting and docking lines to robotic loaders, belt feeds, cross-chain feeds, and robotic assembly, our automated systems keep your pallet lines in constant motion. Stirling Machinery works closely with clients to design complete pallet lines that maximize the use of each board, reduce the storage space needed, and optimize workforce utilization.

Stacking & Destacking Systems for Timber Manufacturing:

Efficient storage and stacking of timber boards and components are essential in the manufacturing process. Stirling Machinery offers a range of automated handling and stacking equipment equipped with the latest in vacuum loading technology. This accelerates the process, minimizing labour costs for production and storage applications. These automated stacking systems are widely utilized throughout the timber manufacturing industry, ensuring that critical production lines are always supplied with timber stock, thus maximizing uptime and improving factory efficiency.

Stirling Machinery embraces the forefront of automation technologies, incorporating advanced elements such as cross-chain and belt feeds, stackers, vacuum loaders, and robotics solutions. Our team is well-equipped to customize automation solutions to cater to a broad array of timber production lines, spanning from cross-cutting and finger jointing to sanding, multirip operations, and pallet manufacturing.

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We are committed to providing timber manufacturers with high-quality automation, robotics, and mechanical handling equipment to ensure that your production lines run at peak efficiency.

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C Series Finger Jointer & E Series Moulder

“Every step of the way, Stirling showed that they could partner with us in a meaningful way. We weren’t looking for a quick set-and-forget arrangement. We wanted a genuine collaboration that would see us through from consultancy and installation to operation and beyond.”

Chris Skeels-Piggins


Planer Sander

“Stirling Machinery’s Planer Sander replaced the two existing sanders we had onsite. Finishing tabletops, a process that originally took two to three hours across two machines, has now been reduced to a matter of minutes in a one-pass finish. The team took the time to understand my operation, how it is run,and what we were looking for in terms of increased capacity and timber finish, and came back with a tailored solution that ticked all of the boxes.As a furniture maker of 35 years, I have been very impressed by the level of service,support and results Stirling has provided. From adding one machine, we have gained time, quality, space, output and efficiency and I couldn’t be happier.”

Geoff Laffan

Director of Winna Furniture

A Series Moulder & Vertical Resaw

“What Craig and the rest of the team at Stirling care about is that the timber industry in Australia goes to a higher quality level. They want to see our customers getting the best product, they don’t just want to sell something. Craig is always asking the questions to make sure that whatever he sells me is going to make my product higher quality and the customer happier.”

Thor Diesendorf

Managing Director of Thor's Hammer