Full Optimising Saw

Full Optimising Saw C14

C14 Full Optimising Saw

Enhanced Cross-Cut System Paul C14. The C14 III series machines…
Full Optimising Saw C11

C11 Full Optimising Saw

Engineered for cutting small to medium-sized timber sections, the C11…

For high volume environments requiring consistency in production and yield, Stirling Machinery provides industry-leading full optimising saws. Designed to handle all crosscutting applications, including sizing, defecting and optimised cutting, our range of full optimising saw is ideal for a variety of applications. Working with sawmills, pallet makers and factories producing engineered timber products, Stirling Machinery can design a full optimising saw system that powers even the most demanding manufacturing processes.

Configurable to meet the needs of your factory and existing automation systems, a full optimising saw is the ultimate woodworking solution. Designed for speed, consistency and accuracy, our saws perform rapid crosscutting fed by an integrated roller drive system.

Full Optimising Saw Systems

The true power of full optimising saws comes from our system designs. Working with each individual client, we can design a saw system that integrates with your factory and processes to deliver greater, more consistent results. Whatever your production requires, powerful software means our full optimising saws are capable of interfacing with a variety of automation and other common tools, such as moisture meters, acoustic graders and ink or laser markers.

Within the realm of full optimizing saws, these machines offer an advanced cross-cutting solution that excels in accommodating a diverse range of cross-sectional sizes, effectively addressing even the challenges posed by warped or cupped workpieces. Their robust construction is characterized by a heavy-duty feed drive system, capable of achieving impressive acceleration rates, even when dealing with substantial timber.

Designed to cater to medium to large-sized timber sections, these comprehensive optimizing saws ensure precision and impeccable cuts at remarkably high throughput rates. The sturdy design of these machines ensures an extended service life, with the added potential for modular enhancements. By incorporating upgrades, they can transform into high-performance systems equipped with automatic defect detection and potent handling components. This enhancement extends to various aspects, including performance metrics, workpiece feeding, and extraction, collectively working to elevate operational speed and efficiency.

For factories looking to reduce waste and boost productivity, the team at Stirling Machinery can design, supply and install a full optimising saw capable of keeping up with any manufacturing process.