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Superpush 150 Docking Saw / Stirling Machinery

Superpush 150

The result of over forty years of innovation and continuous…
Superpush 200 Docking Saw / Stirling Machinery

Superpush 200

Superpush 200 is the direct technological evolution of traditional cutting…
Superpush 250 Docking Saw / Stirling Machinery

Superpush 250

The Superpush 250 is the next step in the technological…

Push feed saws are the next evolution in timber manufacturing and processing. Integrating high-powered docking saws with automated push feed systems, Stirling Machinery’s push feed saws can significantly increase the yield of timber stock while lowering labour investment. Our machines feature heavy-duty construction that make them highly suited to high-speed continuous production lines. Saw mills, pallet makers and manufacturers producing sawn and engineered timber products will all find a use for push feed saws. The machinery solutions we offer can be tailored to meet your exact specifications and processes, helping our clients get even more from their push feed saws.

Stirling Machinery’s range of Superpush and Push saws are the result of decades of innovation and development. Superpush machines are designed with smaller scale manufacturers in mind. These machines offer flexible options for set up and operation, meaning they can be integrated into new or existing production lines with ease. Simple, precise and economical, our Superpush saws are designed to be accessible for all commercial workshops. For larger scale production, our full optimising Push saws feature state-of-the-art computer controls. Our full optimising saws are capable of increasing yield and eliminating defects, all with reduced input from staff.