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Designed for grinding knife profile and sharpening applications, the Profile…

Stirling Machinery is a leading supplier of profile grinding machines to timber manufacturers throughout Australia and New Zealand. Cutterheads and profiling knives form an integral part of cutting and shaping processes for a range of timber manufacturers. For sawmills, furniture makers and factories producing moulded timber components, profile knives allow for the rapid processing of complex shapes. Not only does this add significant value to components, it reduces the need for manual labour and makes use of tooling that can be sharpened time and again.
The profile grinders supplied by Stirling Machinery are designed to handle a range of knife grinding and profile sharpening operations. Featuring a precision grinding arbour and heavy duty construction, our profile grinders are a simple and compact solution for maintaining your tooling. Especially for processes that make use of complex or custom profile knives, a dedicated profile grinding machine can significantly increase tool life and save you thousands. With flexible parameters and a range of grinding arbours to suit different applications, Stirling Machinery’s profile grinders can help your factory maximise uptime and reduce tooling expenses.

Profile Grinding Machines for Your Factory

The team at Stirling Machinery works closely alongside your staff to design machinery installations that allow you to maximise your manufacturing capabilities. Our profile grinding machines include flexible mounting and grinding options, built-in coolant systems, variable speed controllers and robust safety systems to meet the needs of any factory. This means our profile grinders form a reliable and integral part of your production lines and tool maintenance requirements.
To ensure you get more value from our equipment, Stirling Machinery will tailor your profile grinder to meet your production requirements. We consider every aspect of your business when developing our equipment installations. This means our profile grinders will fit into your workflow seamlessly, extending tool life and offering efficiencies that help you achieve your production goals. Not only does this reduce overall expenses, it also ensures your tooling is kept in top condition, allowing you to deliver the consistent quality your customers have come to expect.

Complete Profile Grinder Maintenance & Training

Profile grinders are an excellent way to unlock efficiencies and reduce manufacturing expenses. To make sure your production lines see the full benefit of Stirling Machinery’s profile grinders, we will work closely with your team to offer tailored training solutions. Our team can deliver comprehensive training programs to staff from all levels of your organisation. We tailor our training packages to meet the needs of your people, ensuring all profile grinder operators are confident, safe and efficient when working with our machinery.

Alongside our training solutions, we also offer ongoing maintenance services to look after our innovative machinery. Regularly maintaining your equipment ensures your profile grinders are always available when you need them, delivering greater uptime and reducing the need for expensive repairs. We tailor our maintenance services to meet the individual needs of your operation. By developing strong relationships with our customers, we can be there with the maintenance services you need to keep production moving, even in high-demand and high-speed environments.