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Automatic Straight Grinder E320S / Stirling Machinery

Automatic Straight Grinder E320S

The Automatic Straight Grinder E320S is an advanced grinder, featuring…

Produce better finishes and higher quality components with the help of Stirling Machinery’s automatic straight knife grinders. Flexible grinding parameters allow you to adjust for the wear of cutters and the level of finish required, and fully automatic operation means our machines deliver higher precision and greater safety for the people in your workshop. Our heavy-duty knife grinders are ideal for sawmills and timber workshops producing moulded products, helping maintain your equipment and adding value to your products.

Simple controls make it easy to achieve a finer knife grind and take advantage of features like the built-in coolant systems which increase grinding speeds and minimise equipment downtime. These precision machines are completed with a range of robust safety features, including a full enclosure that protects workers, prolongs equipment life and keeps your workshop moving.