Sliding Table Saws

Xenia 30 Sliding Table Saw

Xenia 30

Casadei Xenia 30 Sliding Table Saw, a cutting-edge solution designed…
Sliding Table Saw Xenia 40

Xenia 40

Casadei XENIA 40 sliding table saw is a remarkable solution…
Sliding Table Saw with tilting blade Xenia 60

Xenia 60

Casadei XENIA 60 Automatic Sliding Table Panel Saw with tilting…
Xenia 70 Sliding Table Saw

Xenia 70

Casadei XENIA 70 automatic sliding table panel saw, a cutting-edge…

A sliding table panel saw is a fundamental and highly efficient machine designed for cutting large wooden panels and sheets with precision and ease. It features a fixed vertical blade that protrudes above the work surface and a horizontally sliding table that supports the material being cut. Woodworkers use sliding table panel saws to make straight and accurate cuts in a variety of sheet materials, including plywood, MDF, and particleboard, as well as solid wood boards. The sliding table allows for effortless and precise crosscuts and rip cuts, making it an indispensable tool in tasks like cabinetry construction, furniture making, and architectural woodworking.

Sliding table panel saws are known for their exceptional accuracy, safety features, and ease of use, making them a cornerstone in any professional woodworking workshop, where the demand for clean and precise cuts on large panels is paramount.